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Neuer e-Forschungsbericht zum SPP „Entangled Africa“ veröffentlicht

Logo: Copyright: DAI Artikel – Projekt 12 – Koordination J. Sigl/J. Linstädter, South of the Sahara, Africa. »Entangled Africa« – new interdisciplinary research from Africa’s east to west coast. December 2018 to December 2020, in: eDAI-F 2021-1, 2021. Full Text | PDF Download Abstrakt (Quelle: e-Forschungsberichte DAI) The history of northern hemispheric Africa between...

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Publikation: Elitegebäude aus gebranntem Ziegel in Kanem, Tschad

One of the most intriguing problems concerning the Kanem-Borno sultanate of the central Sahel between the eighth and nineteenth centuries AD concerns its early intra-African connections. Apart from historically documented linkages with North and parts of West Africa, were there trade and other contacts with eastern regions such as Darfur, the Middle Nile Valley...

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