Publikation: Neue Überlegungen zum Land von Ṭarī’

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J. Eger, The Land of Ṭarī’ and Some New Thoughts on Its Location, in: A. Eger (ed.), The Archaeology of Medieval Islamic Frontiers. From the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea, Louisville 2019, 119–136.


Abstrakt (Quelle: JSTOR):

The frontiers of the medieval Nubian states often evoke the riverine landscape of the Nile. For example, in a 2002 overview, Derek Welsby wrote, “virtually no sites [of medieval Nubia] are known outside the Nile valley.”¹ This chapter presents new evidence concerning the presence of medieval Nubia west of the Nile, which in turn bears on locating the enigmatic land (or province) of Ṭari’ mentioned in medieval texts.

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