From the Fields to the Depots: The Pitane Survey in 2021

Following two years (2019 and 2020) of intensive field survey at Çandarlı (ancient Pitane), which was completed in 2020, this year’s research focus was fully devoted to the study of the artefacts we have collected. We did visit Çandarlı on two occasions, not for more artefact collection, but to verify and discuss some of our observations, as well as to show the research area to our new team members.


Rescue excavation changes history: 14,000-year-old settlement site discovered for the first time on Turkey’s west coast

In the province of Izmir, between the modern towns of Dikili and Bergama (UNESCO World Heritage Site Pergamon-Bergama), layers from the post-Paleolithic period (Epipalaeolithic) were discovered for the first time in a cave and uncovered in the course of a rescue excavation. They are overlaid by an ancient sanctuary of the Anatolian mother deity Meter-Kybele. As an important natural monument, the site was also frequented in the following Byzantine and Islamic eras before falling into oblivion.


Rettungsgrabung schreibt Geschichte: Erstmalig 14.000 Jahre alter Siedlungsplatz an der Westküste der Türkei entdeckt

In der Provinz Izmir wurden zwischen den modernen Orten Dikili und Bergama (UNESCO-Welterbestätte Pergamon-Bergama) in einer Höhle erstmalig Schichten aus der Nach-Altsteinzeit (Epipaläolithikum) entdeckt und im Zuge einer Rettungsgrabung freigelegt. Sie werden von einem antiken Heiligtum der anatolischen Muttergottheit Meter-Kybele überlagert. Als bedeutendes Naturmal wurde der Ort auch in den folgenden byzantinischen und islamischen Epochen aufgesucht, bevor er in Vergessenheit geriet.


Of Ancient Dynasts, Border Guards and Potters – The 2021 Survey in the Pergamon Micro-Region

Since 2019, a German-Turkish team of the DFG-funded TransPergMikro project on the “Transformation of the Pergamon Micro-Region between Hellenism and the Roman Imperial Period” has been investigating selected areas in the vicinity of Pergamon. This year, the team focused mainly on the transition zone between the eastern foothills of the Kara Dağı (Kane) peninsula and the western lower Bakırçay (Kaikos) plain.


Approaching the environmental and social carrying capacity of the Pergamon Micro-Region

New paper published! In collaboration between colleagues from the TransPergMicro project and the Collaborative Research Centre 1266, we approached the social ecology of the ancient Pergamon Micro-Region to assess its environmental and social carrying capacity and to gain insights into the transformative potential of land use strategies under changing populations.