Publikation: Die Nachbarn des Königsreichs von Makuria im Mittelalter

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J. Eger/T. Karberg/A. Lohwasser, Medieval Presence at the Periphery of the Nubian  State of Makuria: Examples from the Wadi Abu Dom and  the Jebel al-Ain in Dotawo, in: A Journal of Nubian Studies 6 (1), 2019, 149-174.

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Abstrakt (Quelle: Eger et al. 2019):

This paper presents some medieval material from remote areas within the Bayuda and the Western Deserts in Sudan, and draws several conclusions about the presence of Christianity and the Makurian administration within them. First, the general topographical setting of the different areas are described in order to define the geographical frame of the paper. The Wadi Abu Dom is an ephemeral fluviatile valley situated within the central and western Bayuda between the Sudanese provinces River Nile State and Northern State. It drains several dendritic khors in volcanic mountains of the central Bayuda – the most prominent of them named “Ras ed-Dom,” whose name refers to its role as the uppermost offspring of the (Wadi Abu) Dom. It flows at its very beginning from north to south, and later in western or northwestern direction. North of the modern town of Merowe directly opposite the Gebel Barkal, it meets the River Nile.

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