Publikation: Ernährungsgewohnheiten als Bindeglied zwischen Gruppen am Mittleren Niltal

ARTIKEL – Projekt 2 – Connecting Foodways

S. Matthews/U. Nowotnick, Culinary interactions: connecting foodways in Early Iron Age Africa, in: Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa 54/4, 2019, 468-486.

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Abstrakt (Quelle: Taylor & Francis online):

The archaeology of food has great potential for developing a more inclusive approach to the investigation of past African society and interaction beyond a traditional emphasis on the lifestyles and activities of social elites. Using the Middle Nile Valley as an example, the concept of archaeological ‘culinary traditions’ is employed as a framework for exploring interaction both within the kingdom of Kush and with neighbouring communities. A survey of Kushite kitchen contexts and the material culture of food preparation, cooking and consumption establishes the cuisine of Kush as part of broader Sub-Saharan traditions and highlights inter-regional connections across north-central and northeastern Africa during the Early Iron Age.

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